SWELL stands for Swiss Works in English Language and Linguistics

SWELL is an informal organization for the networking of all Swiss doctoral and Habilitation researchers working on the English language.

We meet once a year for a conference on the latest PhD and Habilitation projects in English linguistics. The conferences give young researchers the opportunity to obtain peer feedback on their work, to meet other linguists and to discover mutual interests and collaboration possibilities.

SWELL mailing list 

We have a mailing list to keep each other informed about linguistic matters relevant to our field (guest lectures, conferences, job ads, etc.). If you would like to register, please send a request to Miriam Locher (miriam.locher at unibas.ch). Once you are a member of this list, you can directly post to it by sending a message to "swell at maillist.unibas.ch". (Notice the two 'll' in maillist.)

Next SWELL meeting

Our next Swell meeting will take place on Friday, 8 March 2024 in Fribourg.

Organizers: Didier Maillat, Sihem Abbassi & Caterina Vittoni
University of Fribourg, Building MIS03, Room 3023

The program can be found here and further practical information and the book of abstracts will be sent to all participants who registered via the link sent through the mailing list on February 15.




2008: Zurich lectures, Raj Meshtrie and Joan Beal

2009: SWELL best practice workshop, University of Basle, David Britain

2010: SWELL best practice workshop, University of Basle, Dennis Preston

2012: SWELL workshop organized by the University of Berne with Prof. Janet Holmes


Due to the implementation of various doctoral schools in (English) linguistics in Switzerland, the SWELL workshops were discontinued.


Since the 2010s the Swiss universities have actively pushed teaching and learning opportunities on the PhD level. While there are no Swiss federal doctoral programs in (English) linguistics, there are a number of doctoral schools/programs that are of interest to PhD candidates:

CUSO Doctoral Program in English Language and Literature 

CUSO Programme doctoral en Sciences du langage 

Doctoral Programme Language & Cognition

Doctoral programme of the Center for the Study of Language and Society, University of Bern 

Doktoratsprogramm Linguistik, University of Zurich 

Hermann-Paul School of Linguistics Basel-Freiburg (i. Brsg.)